Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Management of Concussions for the Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer: Bringing Practical Evidence into Practice

Course Description
This is a one-day course intended for Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and other Healthcare Providers who are involved in the evaluation, management, treatment, and return to activity (including school, play, and work) for individuals with a concussion across the lifespan. This course will provide basic background information about diagnosis and immediate management of a concussion as well as evaluation and treatment techniques that can be utilized by the Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer immediately upon completion of the course.  This will also include topics such as vestibular rehabilitation, exercise testing, vision exercises, and return to play protocols.  Up-to-date evidence and practical application of this information will be reviewed to maximize effectiveness of the Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer in becoming a first contact provider for management of concussions.  This course includes a lab portion as well.


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Course Schedule

Course Objectives

  1. Be able to describe the pathophysiology of a concussion
  2. Recognize signs and symptoms of a concussion
  3. Diagnose acute concussion
  4. Evaluate and initiate appropriate management of acute concussion
  5. Learn to effectively manage a concussion in all stages of recovery
  6. Recognize the importance of the role of neurocognitive testing within a comprehensive treatment plan for concussion
  7. Integrate physical, psychological, and emotional factors causing protracted recovery
  8. Discuss pertinent components of Physical Therapy examination & evaluation
  9. Complete Exercise Testing for patients post-concussion
  10. Discuss treatment principles for managing patients post-concussion including situations of protracted recovery
  11. Implement a treatment program including manual therapy, vestibular therapy, and basic visual therapy
  12. Identify situations where referral to another healthcare provider may be necessary
  13. Effectively implement a return to work or return to play program including basic accommodations
  14. Appraise the potential components of a concussion injury prevention program and community education
  15. Improve your comfort level of managing adolescents and adults with post-concussion syndrome
  16. Enhance the profession, enabling physical therapists to be effective first-contact providers for concussion management

7.5 Contact Hours, 4 hours direct access 

Additional Information

  • Appropriate lab attire is recommended such as gym pants, shorts, t-shirt, and sports bra for women.
  • Kinetic Seminars will provide beverages including coffee breaks. Lunch will not be provided.
  • Please see our website for hotel accommodations.

Dr. Michelle Feairheller MPT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Email: michellef@kineticptpa.com