Functional Speed Training for the Healthcare Provider and Fitness ProfessionalDSC_0040

Course Description

This is a one day course including both lecture and lab. This course will focus on teaching speed and agility technique and correction to the healthcare provider and fitness professional via videos, written description, visual observation, and practice.  You will gain an understanding of the six main mechanics of running, conditioning demands of each sport, and how to apply these drills to each individual athlete in a healthcare or sports performance setting.  Application of research based findings will be utilized in the implementation of speed and agility drills into program design.  The lab portion will require practice and form correction of speed and agility drills.




Course Objectives

  1. Discuss the 6 main mechanics of running
  2. Explain the difference between completing speed and agility drills versus coaching technique of speed and agility drills
  3. Discuss the 3 categories of running- Acceleration, Multidirectional, and Max speedadobe pdf download icon
  4. Identify why acceleration is the key to improving speed
  5. Learn proper warm up and activation drills for each category
  6. Learn and demonstrate specific drills, progressions, cues, and corrections for speed, agility, and running drills
  7. Learn to identify asymmetries and faults in movement patterns as well as form corrections for speed and agility drills
  8. Discuss the application of these techniques in a Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, or Sports Performance setting
  9. Identify the difference between energy systems and condition athletes based on the demands on the sport (lateral versus linear conditioning)
  10. Learn how to appropriately implement speed and agility drills during and after injury rehabilitation or recovery
  11. Utilize evidence and athlete specific considerations to effectively design training programs for implementation of speed and agility drills during in season, off season, and pre season
  12. Improve your comfort level with implementing speed and agility drills in your setting
  13. Enhance your level of skill by gaining valuable experience for

Additional Information

  • Appropriate lab attire is recommended such as gym pants, shorts, t-shirt, and sports bra for women.
  • Kinetic Seminars will provide beverages including coffee breaks. Lunch will not be provided.

Course Instructor

Jason Feairheller B.S., CSCS

FMS Level 1 and 2, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, RKC, Kettlebell Athletics Level 1 and 2, Hypopressives Level 1


Instagram: jason_feairheller

Twitter: @JFeairheller