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Kinetic Seminars is a strictly, evidence-based continuing education program for physical therapists and athletic trainers. Developed in 2014, the goal of Kinetic Seminars is to deliver evidence-based programming using peer-reviewed literature as the foundation of course material. Our courses are developed for the passionate professional who strives to be a better practitioner and provide the highest quality of care for his or her patient.

Kinetic Seminars

Our ApproachIt is our mission and our guarantee to advance the profession of physical therapy with each course by providing you with the necessary skills to improve your practice Monday morning.

The term “evidence-based practice” is far too often used as a catch phrase that lacks substance.  At Kinetic Seminars, “evidence-based” is who we are.  Explore the content of our courses today.


Evaluation and Treatment of Cervical Spine Disorders

“It was awesome! I learned a lot and really appreciated class feedback regarding the techniques and questions I had about specific patients”

“I loved how it was a small class and we had plenty of time to perform the manual techniques”Bzv4x8JIAAEc6F3

“I loved how Jason would let you practice on him as well so that you can get a better feel for hand placement”

“Jason is very experienced and knowledgeable.  I wish I had a clinical instructor with his expertise in school”

“The hands-on attention was so helpful.  The small class size allowed for immediate feedback. I will recommend this course to colleagues”

“Having the course instructor perform manual therapy techniques on you and then performing them on him was very helpful”


The Movement Paradigm

“The Movement Paradigm was phenomenal! Arianne was so knowledgeable and approachable.  I can’t wait for the next course” IMG_1642 (600x650)

“The Movement Paradigm gave me a great foundation for my approach to my outpatient practice”

“We loved the individual attention and hands-on approach of the instructor”


Evidence-Based Manual Therapy of the Lumbar Spine and Lower Quarter

“As a PT with little to no experience with thrust manipulation, I feel confident to implement these techniques with my patients immediately”

“The strong part of this course was the coordination of the instructor’s knowledge, his ability to teach and dissect material, and the integration of the recent evidence”IMG_1753

“The small class size provided a lot of instructor mediated practice/experience”

“I was highly satisfied with the level of evidence-based information provided during the course”