cervical spine imageEvaluation and Treatment of Cervical Spine Disorders

Course Description
This is a two day course including both lecture and lab. This course will focus on the management of patients with cervical spine disorders including differential diagnosis, clinical examination, and physical therapy intervention. Evidence from peer-reviewed journals will provide the foundation for all course material. The application of research into clinical practice will be emphasized with the purpose of improving clinical decision making skills. Manual therapy will be emphasized during the lab portion of this course and will include thrust and non-thrust mobilization to the cervical-thoracic region and upper quarter.


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Course Schedule

Course Objectives

  1. Conduct an accurate differential diagnosis for patients with cervical-thoracic pain including potential red flags that will require immediate referral
  2. Conduct a comprehensive physical examination of the cervical-thoracic region. This will include evidence-based tests/measures with high diagnostic accuracy and identifying a comparable sign
  3. Understand and apply a treatment-based classification system to improve clinical decision making skills and develop an evidence-based treatment plan
  4. Achieve competency with skilled, evidence-based manual therapy techniques of the cervical spine and upper quarter which will include both thrust and non-thrust mobilization.
  5. Discuss and apply the evidence regarding regional interdependence in the management of cervical spine and upper quarter disorders

Contact Hours:  14 (2 DA)

Note: Only 12 spots available to ensure one-on-one instructionIMG_1432

Additional Information

  • Appropriate lab attire is recommended such as gym pants, shorts, t-shirt, and sports bra for women.
  • Kinetic Seminars will provide beverages including coffee breaks. Lunch will not be provided.
  • Please see our website for hotel accommodations.

Dr. Jason Elvin, PT, DPT, OCS
Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
Residency-trained orthopedic manual physical therapist
Email: jasone@kineticptpa.com
Twitter: @JasonElvinDPT